Saudi Arabian Embassy in New Delhi

Saudi Arabian Embassy in New Delhi India is a strong bond of communication between Saudi Arabia Government and India.



Head of Mission: Mr Saud bin Mohammed Al-Saty, Ambassador

Consulate Appointment or Contact Saudi Arabian Embassy in New Delhi : Visit only by Appointment

You should follow certain guidelines when you need to visit the Saudi Arabia embassy in your city. Please check out those guidelines, and in case of any confusion, contact us before visiting to prevent unnecessary issues later.

Only Visit by Appointment:

To avail of any counselor service and even to seek information about your visa or passport, it is essential to take an appointment first before visiting the embassy. You can book an appointment by making a phone call to the embassy's customer service.

Visit in Normal Working Hours:
Like any other workplace, embassies also have dedicated working hours, which is a rule every visitor needs to respect. Therefore, we advise you to book an appointment during regular working hours. To find out the working hours for your desired Saudi consulate or embassy, please visit the embassy's official website .

Go to the Right Section:
There are specific sections in every embassy, to deal with issues related to that particular aspect of immigration or visa/passport associated matters. If you need to apply for a Saudi business visa or visit visa, you need to visit the Visa Section only. For any complaint or query, visit the relevant section.

Items you can Bring to the embassy:

  • Cellphone
  • Handbag or purse (no bigger than 10"x10")
  • Umbrella (you must store it in a dedicated umbrella rack at the security gate)
  • Visa application and support documents stored in a see-through plastic folder
  • Baby essentials and accessories (e.g., milk, hot water, diapers, strollers)

Items You CANNOT bring to the embassy:

  • Alcohol
  • Electronic or battery-operated devices such as thumb drives, laptops, digital diaries, iPads, cameras, smartwatches, portable audio/video players, pagers, floppy disks, and MP3s, etc.
  • Handbag or purse larger than 10"x10" such as travel suitcases, bags, briefcases, or backpacks.
  • Foods and snacks
  • Cigars/cigarettes
  • Matchboxes/lighters
  • Sharp, edgy objects including nail files, knives, scissors
  • Any explosives or weapons

Visa types granted by Saudi Arabia are

  • Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa
  • Saudi Arabia Business Visa
  • Saudi Arabia Transit Visa
  • Saudi Arabia Student Visa
  • Saudi Arabia Medical/Medical Attendant Visas
  • Saudi Arabia Employment & Project Visa
  • Saudi Arabia Diplomatic / Official Visa

Here are some articles that might help you!

Travel Insurance Information:
Travel insurance is a compulsory requirement for every foreign visitor in Saudi Arabia, helping the visitor address any emergency conveniently. However, before you buy travel insurance, do consider the following factors:

Total Cost of the Holiday or Visit:
Do consult the travel agent regarding their refund policy. An unforeseen event may lead to cancellation of your trip or holiday. If this happens, it always helps if you can get the money back.

Travel Itinerary:
You may need additional coverage if you intend to get involved in something extreme. It is a good idea to consider all the activities you will do once you are in Saudi Arabia and then apply for travel insurance.

Traveling with Family: If you are traveling to Saudi Arabia with spouse and children, the travel insurance must cover them. Therefore, it always helps to be informed before starting your journey and buy the right travel insurance package.


*Please help us to update with correct information for Saudi Arabian Embassy in New Delhi , if you find this information is not correct.

Saleha maniyar

Sir I have one issue for passport update please help me my contact number 9513662913


One of my client is travelling to Austria on 12th May 2023 and he will be travelling on Saudi airlines and there will be over night stay in Saudi, Do i need to get transit visa for the same or can he travel with applying the transit visa, If he needs to apply transit visa then how long it will take get the transit visa and what will be the processing time and visa cost.

Sohail Ghanchi

I need direct visa for Hajj-2023

Shaikh Mohammed

Respcted sir/mam, i recevied my Moffa number its more then 20 days i dint get my visa till yet would you please confirm me the status. W6492586 passport number Application Number: E292712675 kindly confirm the status


Please we need to check ksa work visa its a real visa or fake Visa number is E289720662 Passport number is P4199576

Syed Mujahed Ali

Hello sir/Madam, I want to know my visa status can you help me please. E286386800 Passport No. L7868863

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Visa stetus

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Visa lag. gaya hain email sent Karooo please

Sk Amal

Visa istaping conform

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