Embassy and Consulate in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia aims to keep deep and strong relations with the world. Therefore, the government is represented by consulates and embassies around the globe. The Kingdom's various diplomatic missions or embassies represent the interests of its citizens residing or traveling abroad and act as welcoming platforms of contact between the Saudi government and foreigners wishing to visit the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has about 84 consulates and 110 foreign embassies located within its territories, whereas the country has four consulates, and around 46 embassies spread worldwide. The Saudi embassies are called the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

How to Find the Saudi Embassy in your Region?

We have developed a full list of Saudi Arabian Embassies across the globe. The list indicates all the embassies of Saudi Arabia situated in different parts of the world to find the nearest point of contact with Saudi immigration/visa authorities in your country of residence. The list offers a complete set of information about Saudi embassies, including the address and contact details.

Facilities Saudi Embassy Offers to Travelers?

Anyone wishing to travel to Saudi Arabia to relish the excellent infrastructure, historical heritage, and delectable cuisine that the country offers, must apply for a visa. All travelers to the Kingdom need to obtain permits relevant to the nature of their visit.

In case your purpose of the visit is not categorized or eligible for Saudi e Visa check here eligible for Saudi Arabia Visa, you may need to apply for it through your local embassy. Although available, the Saudi electronic visa facility is available, but it is only allowed for short-term visits and tourism purposes. To enter the Kingdom for work, business, study, or long-term residency, an embassy can help you get the right visa.

The embassy Saudi offers a wide range of consular services, including document legalization and passport processing, apart from issuing visas. These are the ideal facilities for Saudi citizens facing issues while working/studying/staying abroad as the primary purpose of embassies/consulates is to safeguard their rights and interests.

To apply for a Saudi visit visa, the Saudi embassy will provide you the most relevant and up-to-date information about the different types of visas they offer. By visiting an embassy, you can quickly determine which visa you need to apply to get the right travel permit.

An embassy also issues work Permits. Foreigners seeking work permits to enter the Kingdom as employees cannot apply on their own. Instead, their Saudi employer will request a work permit with the local Interior and Labor & Social Affairs Ministries.

Dependents of Saudi employees or those aiming to stay in the Kingdom for over three months should apply for a residence permit before traveling to the Kingdom. A residence permit is called Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues Iqama to non-citizens, allowing the traveler to stay in Saudi Arabia for two years. Before leaving the Kingdom, you will need to apply for a Saudi Exit Visa, a mandatory requirement for all residence visa holders. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also issues the exit visa, and you need to contact the local embassy for this purpose. There are specific regulations relevant to Iqama holders, which must never be violated. To learn more about the rules, kindly contact our 24/7 available customer care department.

Customs Regulations and Baggage Costs:

Do contact the embassy for the latest travel updates and regulations from Saudi Arabia as baggage costs are subject to fluctuate. If you want to take along some heavy equipment, you may need to pay extra baggage costs.

Several items aren't allowed in the Kingdom, such as pork products, firearms, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or narcotics, explosives, indecent material such as porn, and edged weapons. Also, possessing psychoactive drugs or chemicals in Saudi Arabia is prohibited unless authorized by a government entity/agency. You must properly document prescription drugs.

Embassies in Saudi Arabia

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